- Specialization -

We’re dedicated to handling fine art. It’s our speciality.

- Experience -

We have ten year’s experience in handling fine arts. This, along with our considerable experience as licensed customs agents and forwarders
makes us the best choice to handle your shipments worldwide.

- Resources -

We have the resources of the whole UE group behind us. So there is always
an innovative solution available to your specific needs.

- Innovation -

Viewing rooms, meeting rooms, on-line catalogues and other services.
We’ve got new solutions for you. Ask us what we can do. We’re here to help.

- Security -

Our state of the art facilities are located at the Warsaw Distribution Center
near Warsaw airport. The center is guarded 24 hours and patrolled. Our
facility is alarmed, and has camera monitoring on-site. Access is restricted at all times.

Finally, we understand you have a choice,
and we have to be the best to win your business.



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